WordPress form builder plugin for conversational forms — Tripetto


Tired of boring and ugly forms in your WordPress site? 😴
Use Tripetto to make your forms smart and conversational! 😍
And boost the completion rates of your online forms! 🚀

  • Full featured form creator plugin;
  • Everything, including all data, inside your own WP Admin;
  • Built-in anti-spam protection without the need for using CAPTCHAs (learn more);
  • All without a single line of code;
  • No third-party account needed, not even a Tripetto account;
  • GDPR proof.

🎉 Read our blog to learn what’s inside version 3 of this plugin!

🧐 What makes Tripetto a better form plugin?

💡 You create stunning custom form experiences instead of boring forms. You can use all your forms in three form faces:

  • Autoscroll: the autoscroll face presents one question at a time and is akin to Typeform’s conversational forms;
  • Chat: the chat face presents all questions and answers as speech bubbles and is partly inspired by Landbot;
  • Classic: the classic face presents question fields in a traditional form as often seen in SurveyMonkey and the likes.

More info about form faces over here.

💡 You create smart forms that react to the given answers of your respondents. That’s why we call them conversational forms. To help you with this, our unique visual form builder easily lets you create the right logic, like branch logic, jump logic and pipe logic.

More info about logic over here.

💡 You create beautiful responsive forms that match your website perfectly, with custom welcome and end screens, advanced styling options and full translations. Totally responsive for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop usage.

More info about customizations over here.

👉 See our full features overview here.

👷 Give shape — Easily build your forms

  • Visually build on the assistive storyboard, unlike any other form builder;
  • Real-time preview while building your form;
  • All question types you need included. See FAQ section below for the full list;
  • Add a custom welcome screen before the form starts;
  • Add flexible custom end screens, or redirect at the end.

Learn more about building.

✨ Add brains — Make your forms smart

  • Advanced logic features to make your form feel like a conversation;
  • Various types of advanced form logic making it a conditional form;
  • Branch logic, to only ask the right follow-up questions;
  • Skip logic, to jump over unnessecary questions;
  • Pipe logic, to show given answers inside your form.

Learn more about using logic.

🎨 Dress up — Customize your forms to your needs

  • Choose between three form experiences: autoscroll, chat, or classic;
  • Choose autoscroll for conversational forms, for example feedback forms, screening forms and large surveys;
  • Choose chat for chat forms that feel like chatbots, for example support forms, evaluation forms (incl. Net Promoter Score/NPS) and RSVP forms;
  • Choose classic for traditional looking but smart forms, for example contact forms, reservation forms and registration forms;
  • Style your forms (fonts, colors, backgrounds, buttons, inputs);
  • Translate/edit all labels inside your forms;
  • All forms fully optimized for perfect responsiveness on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Learn more about customization.

⚡ Hook up — Automate things

  • Automate email notifications upon form completion;
  • Automate Slack notifications upon form completion (premium);
  • Connect to webhooks (like Zapier, Integromat, etc.) to automate processes (premium).

Learn more about automating.

⚡ Send out — Share how you wish

  • Immediately share your form with the shareable link in your WP site, making your WP site a complete form tool/survey tool instantly;
  • Or embed the form wherever you want with the WP shortcode;
  • Compose your shortcode with the shortcode editor (no-code solution).

Learn more about sharing.

🛡️ Take stock — Handle responses safely

  • Responses are stored in your own WordPress install only (no third-party storage);
  • Built-in SPAM protection, so no needs for captcha’s etc.;
  • View and manage results inside your WP Admin;
  • Export to CSV.

Learn more about data management.

👑 Premium features

Upgrade the Tripetto WordPress plugin to greatly enhance all your forms and surveys. Premium features are:

  • Remove Tripetto branding;
  • Automate Slack notifications;
  • Connect to webhooks (like Zapier, Integromat, etc.).

Available as single-site, 5-sites and unlimited sites. Billed monthly or annually. Or pay once with a lifetime deal!

👉 Get your Premium license today!

🕵️‍♂️ Compare Tripetto with others

We are the new kid on the block, so we understand that a comparison will help you decide if Tripetto is the right fit for you.

👉 Compare Tripetto with others.

🔔 Stay up-to-date

Any questions? We’re happy to help!


The following translations are included:

  • English (default)
  • Dutch (Nederlands)

Note: This plugin is designed to be fully localized and translateable, but we need help to translate it to other languages. Take a look at our translations repository to see what needs to be done and how you can contribute.


  • Example of a customer satisfaction survey in the autoscroll form face
  • Example of a wedding RSVP form in the chat form face
  • Example of a fitness registration form in the autoscroll form face
  • Example of a restaurant reservation form in the classic form face
  • Demo of the customizations in the form builder, including switching form faces
  • Demo of the visual form builder, with easy to use logic


👉 Install Tripetto via the WordPress.org plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server;

👉 Activate the plugin through the Plugins page in your WP Admin;

👉 Navigate to the Tripetto tab in your WP Admin menu.

👑 Get your Premium License to upgrade all your forms!


Can I use Tripetto for free?

Yes, you can! You can make as many forms as you’d like in the free version, without any limitations.

Which question types are included?

Input blocks
Tripetto naturally supports all the commonly used form question types.

  • Checkbox;
  • Checkboxes;
  • Date (and time);
  • Dropdown;
  • Email address;
  • File upload;
  • Matrix;
  • Multiple choice;
  • Number;
  • Paragraph;
  • Password;
  • Phone number;
  • Picture choice;
  • Radio buttons;
  • Rating;
  • Scale;
  • Statement;
  • Static text;
  • Text — Multiple lines;
  • Text — Single line;
  • URL;
  • Yes/No.

Action blocks
Enhance your forms with powerful action blocks to perform smart tasks in the background.

  • Send email — Send emails from the form, including form data;
  • Hidden field — Use hidden fields to enter data in your form;
  • Raise error — Prevent a form from submitting.

Use logic to make your forms smart and conversational:

  • Branch logic;
  • Skip logic;
  • Pipe logic;
  • Flexible endings.

Condition blocks
Make forms smart by intelligently and automatically directing flows with dynamic condition blocks.

  • Conditions;
  • Evaluate;
  • Regex;
  • Password match;
  • Device Size.

More information about building your forms over here.

How do I publish forms in my WP site?

You can use a shareable link or use the shortcode to embed your forms. More information about sharing over here.

How do I upgrade to premium?

There are a few scenarios to upgrade. Generally, you need to take the following steps:

  • Purchase the upgrade via our website, or your WP Admin menu;
  • You need a zip package with the premium version and your personal license key. After purchasing, you can find these in Freemius (our upgrade partner) and/or in your email;
  • Upload, install and activate the zip package in your WP Admin. Enter the license key to activate.


Алтынньы 13, 2020
Absolutely excellent plug-in! And amazing support online ! I wanted to add a form in my WP website and it works so well. It's flexible, clean, and clear. Thanks a lot to the team (and mark who kindly fixed the issue I had to finish my work)
Алтынньы 11, 2020
Installed the plugin and created 3 neat forms that same day. Awesome and easy to use! Also, I found a responsiveness bug, which I reported then the makers fixed it very quickly. 5 stars 🙂
Алтынньы 7, 2020
Cant believe what they are doing at Tripetto, and doing so for free. This has helped me streamline my business and make thing so much easier. While keeping costs low, useful for every business ofcourse. Especially one that is starting. Cant thank the Team at Tripetto enough for doing what they are doing and creating what they have created.
Балаҕан ыйа 24, 2020
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✔️ New feature
⚡ Improvement
🐛 Bugfix
❌ Deprecated or removed feature

VERSION 3.1.3 (21-10-2020)
⚡ Improved compatibility with cache plugins
⚡ Improved error messages
🐛 Fixed a bug where the Tripetto branding was still visible in the email messages sent by the plugin
🐛 Fixed a bug where database migrations (from old plugin version a newer one) sometimes resulted in an error
🐛 Fixed a bug related to font ligatures

VERSION 3.1.2 (14-10-2020)
🐛 Fixed a bug where the Hindi keyboard on iOS could not be used properly

VERSION 3.1.1 (13-10-2020)
🐛 Fixed compatibility with 32-bit legacy systems (fixes a problem with the SPAM-protection system not working correctly on PHP without 64-bit support)

VERSION 3.1.0 (10-10-2020)
✔️ Added picture choice block
✔️ Added scale block
⚡ Added more shapes to the rating block
⚡ Improved rating block conditions
⚡ Improved URL block (if the protocol prefix is missing, it is added automatically on blur)
⚡ Allow relative URLs for images and fonts
⚡ Switched to RFC5322 for email validation (which is more strict)
⚡ Auto-focus is now set to the selected button/option whenever possible
🐛 Fixed a bug in the web font loader

VERSION 3.0.7 (06-10-2020)
🐛 Fixed bug in chat window positioning
🐛 Fixed compatibility with MySQL versions lower than 5.6.5

VERSION 3.0.6 (05-10-2020)
🐛 Fixed bug in mobile responsiveness (see https://gitlab.com/tripetto/wordpress/-/issues/88)
🐛 Fixed compatibility with PHP 5.6

VERSION 3.0.5 (02-10-2020)
🐛 Improved compatibility with W3 Total Cache
🐛 Improved compatibility with Autoptimize
🐛 Fixed a bug where the font Fira Sans could not be used in Firefox
🐛 Added missing label in translation settings for the autoscroll runner

VERSION 3.0.4 (30-09-2020)
✔️ Added a style option to set the opacity of the background image in the runners
⚡ Improved the multiple choice buttons (they now wrap to the next line when necessary)
⚡ Automatically remove empty checkboxes, multiple choice buttons and radio buttons when in live or test mode (preview mode still shows placeholders for empty options)
🐛 Fixed a bug in the SPAM-protection system (this solves submission errors as reported by some of our users)
🐛 Fixed the z-index of the chat runner in inline mode
🐛 Fixed a compatibility-issue with the WP AMP plugin
🐛 Fixed a bug where the Tripetto branding was not removed for free premium forms

VERSION 3.0.3 (18-09-2020)
🐛 Fixed bug in migration component

VERSION 3.0.2 (18-09-2020)
✔️ Added autoscroll runner
✔️ Added chat runner
✔️ Added classic runner
✔️ Added custom welcome message support
✔️ Added custom closing message support (supports alternative closing messages per branch)
✔️ Added URL redirect support
✔️ Added pause and resume support
✔️ Added standalone mode (allows forms to run standalone without the need of using a shortcode on a page; your WordPress instance is now a full-blown survey tool!)
✔️ Added date/time block
✔️ Added telephone block
✔️ Added error action block
✔️ Added evaluate condition block
✔️ Added regex condition block
✔️ Added translation support for static labels/texts in forms
✔️ Added identification number of each result to the results list
✔️ Added shortcode editor for easy configuration of shortcodes
✔️ Added persistent mode (this allows forms to maintain their state/session between page navigation)
✔️ Added dutch plugin translation
✔️ Added links to help articles
✔️ Added custom hooks to catch form submissions (tripetto_submit) and pause requests (tripetto_pause)
⚡ Upgraded builder to latest and greatest version (lot’s of imrovements under the hood there; too much to list here)
⚡ Migrated rolling collector to autoscroll runner
⚡ Migrated classic bootstrap collector to classic runner
⚡ Improved mailer block (add reply-to header support and option to include all data)
⚡ Improved styling options to allow way more customizations
⚡ Improved SPAM-protection (no need for CAPTCHAs in Tripetto, we have a different mechanism to fight form spamming)
⚡ Improved automation tests
⚡ Improved shortcodes for better support of multiple forms on a single page
⚡ Improved inline behavior of forms (no more style conflicts)
⚡ You can now customize the styles of all your forms (in previous versions only premium forms could be customized)
⚡ Changed the CSV delimiter to semicolon instead of comma (better for Excel and the behavior now aligns with the Tripetto Studio)
⚡ Changed the CSV sorting to descending (the behavior now aligns with the Tripetto Studio)
⚡ Renamed entries to results (to align the terms used with Tripetto Studio)
🐛 Fixed a bug in the validation of empty number fields
🐛 Fixed a bug while filling out number fields in Firefox browser
🐛 Fixed the unwanted behavior of the first radio button getting selected for required radio button questions
🐛 Fixed a bug on Android devices having difficulty with showing the soft-keyboard while filling out the form
🐛 Fixed the unwanted ability to create ‘infinite loops’ inside your form, resulting in a freezing form
🐛 Fixed a bug where partial or broken definitions could be saved to the database
❌ Removed the single free premium form (you now always need a paid license to use premium features)
❌ Removed the feedback-for-a-premium-license form (thanks to everyone who filled it in; you made Tripetto better!)

VERSION 2.2.5 (30-04-2020)
🐛 Fixed a bug where large data sets could not be saved to the database

VERSION 2.2.3 (08-10-2019)
🐛 Fixed a bug in the hidden field block

VERSION 2.2.1 (10-09-2019)
🐛 Fixed a bug in the markdown parser
🐛 Fixed a bug where the collector sometimes didn’t load on certain pages
🐛 Fixed a bug where Wordfence mistakenly thought a script was malicious

VERSION 2.1.3 (04-09-2019)
🐛 Fixed a bug where the plugin would not work with MySQL version 5.5 (or older)

VERSION 2.1.2 (28-08-2019)
🐛 Fixed a bug where the wrong plugin directory was used

VERSION 2.0.4 (27-08-2019)
🐛 Removed jQuery dependency

VERSION 2.0.3 (21-08-2019)
🐛 Fixed issue #77 (https://gitlab.com/tripetto/wordpress/issues/77)
🐛 Fixed a bug in the file upload handling

VERSION 2.0.1 (09-08-2019)
✔️ Added a brand new collector with a standard UI based on Bootstrap (for those who want to create a more traditional form)
✔️ Added a toggle to the header bar in the edit screen to switch between the Rolling UI or the new Standard UI
✔️ Added a toggle to the header bar in the edit screen to switch between edit mode and test mode (in edit mode all blocks are displayed in the preview pane, test mode runs the form with all logic enabled so you can test it)
✔️ Added edit buttons in the preview pane to quickly open the properties of a block
✔️ Automatically scroll blocks into view when they are edited
⚡ Improved the header bar in the editor screen to incorporate all the new options (moved the device toggle buttons to a separate dropdown)
⚡ Improved the shortcode so it is not necessarry anymore to specify a height for the form (you still can specify a fixed height if you want)
⚡ Installed the latest and greatest version of the Rolling UI collector
🐛 Fixed a bug that caused problems when 2 or more forms were placed on the same page

VERSION 1.4.2 (31-07-2019)
🐛 Fixed a bug with the sender’s name in email notifications (#76)

VERSION 1.4.0 (25-07-2019)
✔️ Added an option to generate random values with the hidden field block
✔️ Added the option to align the first block of the collector at the top instead of the center of the screen
⚡ Moved some collector options (navigation bar, enumerators, etc.) to the styles section of the settings panel
⚡ Upgraded to a new version of the rolling collector with improved performance and also some bug fixes

VERSION 1.3.0 (17-07-2019)
✔️ Added hidden field block (this allows the use of hidden fields in forms and also logic based on the value of those hidden fields)

VERSION 1.2.1 (16-07-2019)
✔️ Added the option to include the form data in confirmation mails
✔️ Added the “Send an email”-block to send emails from within forms
🐛 Fixed bug in the editor position when WP menu is collapsed
🐛 Fixed a bug in keyboard navigation in the collector
🐛 Fixed a bug where focus sometimes was set on the wrong field in the settings panel of the editor

VERSION 1.1.11 (10-07-2019)
✔️ Added multiple checkboxes block
✔️ Added radiobuttons block
✔️ Added the possibility to hide the title of a block
🐛 Fixed problem with the style of the checkbox block
⚡ Renamed Next button to Ok button

VERSION 1.1.8 (09-07-2019)
✔️ Added single checkbox block
✔️ Added ability to change the labels of the Next and Complete buttons in the form style panel
✔️ Added uninstall script to remove the data tables when the plugin is deleted
🐛 Automatically make blocks required when the required feature is enabled (this saves an additional click by the user)
🐛 Fixed a bug in the positioning of the empty message of the collector

VERSION 1.1.5 (02-07-2019)
✔️ Confirmation dialogs when a form or entry is about to be deleted
🐛 Fixed a bug in the Zapier-integration
⚡ Unlocked all premium functionality for one form without the need of having a paid license

VERSION 1.0.0 (14-06-2019)
👶 A new plugin is born, Tripetto is now in the WordPress Plugin Directory!